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Notice of Public Hearing Comprehensive Plan Update

A public hearing to discuss the proposed revised Town of Oulu Comprehensive Plan shall be held November 8, 2023 at 6:45pm at the Oulu Town Hall located at 2525 W Colby Rd. Written comments will be accepted until 6:45pm, November 8, 2023.

The proposed Comprehensive Plan update in summary contains the following items and information: issues and opportunities, community demographics, housing, transportation, utilities and community facilities, natural, agricultural and cultural resources, economic development, intergovernmental cooperation, land use, and implementation. For more detailed information on the above items, please see the Bayfield County Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for public officials and private citizens to use in making informed decisions affecting the community.

Megan Mader, Community Development Planner with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC) may be contacted to provide additional information on the proposed comprehensive plan revision at 715-635-2197 or by email at

A copy of the updated comprehensive plan may be inspected prior to the hearing at the Oulu Town Hall during normal business hours, or online at:

Note: It is possible that members of other governmental bodies of the municipality (and possibly a quorum) may be in attendance at this meeting to gather information. No action will be taken by any governmental body at this meeting other than the governmental body specifically referred to in this notice.

Notice Posted: October 6, 2023 Oulu Town Hall & Town Web Site:

BY: Diana Reijo, Clerk

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