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23 04 04 Spring General Election Results

Register Voters: 424

Votes cast: 241 (32 voted absentee)

New voter registrations - 2


124 Janet C. Protasiewicz

115 Daniel Kelly

0 Write-in



81 Tim Ciembronowicz

133 Jonathon Hamilton


151 Adam Mattson

143 Ed Burhans

20 Write-in - Tim Ciembronowicz


206 Diana Reijo


207 Marjorie Lahti

South Shore School District Board:

Town of Bell:

162 Justine Broderson

Town of Oulu:

185 Terry Burhans

Town of Port Wing:

All write-ins:

24 Rebecca Kavajecz

1 Michael Ostrenga

1 Jacob Hipsher

1 Craig Johnson

1 Clendon Gustafson

1 Marie Mattson

1 Amy LaFontaine

1 Walter Warner

1 Kenneth Bodeen

1 Icabod Russell Bailey

1 Mickey Mouse

3 No Counts

School District of Maple School Board:

2 Steven P. Probst

3 Katherine Brunette

1 Dan Diamon

0 James Streveler

0 Vince Hursh

3 Daniel Cowley

0 Write-in


Question 1: “Conditions of release before conviction. Shall section 8 (2) of article l of the constitution be amended to allow a court to impose on an accused person being released before conviction conditions that are designed to protect the community from serious harm?

Yes: 119 No: 106

Question 2: “Cash bail before conviction. Shall section 8 (2) of article l of the constitution be amended to allow a court to impose cash bail on a person accused of a violent crime based on the totality of the circumstances, including the accused’s previous convictions for a violent crime, the probability that the accused will fail to appear, the need to protect the community from serious harm and prevent witness intimidation, and potential affirmative defenses?”

Yes: 126 No: 96

Question 3: “Shall able-bodied childless adults be required to look for work in order to receive taxpayer-funded welfare benefits?”

Yes: 184 No: 43

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24 04 02 Notice of Election Hours

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